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Steel Bridge 2012

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Steel Bridge Team will compete at the Pacific Northwest Regional Student Conference this year. The bridge being submitted will be judged according to the following categories: efficiency, stiffness, economy, lightness, aesthetics, and construction speed.  Faculty advisors Dr. Leroy Hulsey, professor of structural engineering and Wilhelm Muench, adjunct professor, will be helping the team work towards continued success in the steel bridge competition. The team member roster includes Amanda Green, Tae Freeman, Jason Rein, Wayne Pence, Sam Carlson, Steve Lee, Ty Wardell, Tripp Collier, Elliot Clausen, Peter Kosmin, Will Riley and Ryan Cudo.  The pictures below are from some preparations, including putting together and taking apart previous years of bridges.

Contact Amanda at algreen@alaska.edu to help this year’s team out. Follow the link below to learn about donating!  (http://www.uaf.edu/giving/gift/giving-form/)

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A Special Thank You to:


Prof. Leroy Hulsey

Wilhelm Muench

Eric Johansen

Suzette Stachow

Yuri Shur

John Zarling

Horacio Toniolo

Robert Perkins

Gary Tyndall

Keith Whitaker

Our GOLD level Donors:

Our BLUE level Donors:



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